1. Stand Up

From the recording Bringing Me Back


Inspiration comes to me from loneliness and lack of sleep
I pull a wrinkled shirt from the bottom of a smelly heap
Bruce Springsteen sings to me
‘bout living life and being free
I can’t deny who I am to fit into your world again…

I’ll Stand, Stand up tall
I can’t stand down anymore
Here I am, here I am, here I am right where I belong
Standing tall

At the edge of conversation I’m squirming in my seat
Small talk and obligation, I can barely breathe
Keeping up, just to keep up
When will enough ever be enough?
I can’t deny who I am to fit into your world again…

Repeat Chorus

Been wondering what I radiate
Wondering why I hesitate
Is there anyone here who can relate?

Stand up, Stand Up
Stand Up, Stand Up, come on….

Blow these dusty cobwebs from my soul… To Chorus

Patti Spadaro - guitars, vocals, Jim Donovan - drums, Skip Sanders - keyboards, Ken Lamison - bass. Recorded and mixed by Sean McDonald at Sofa King Studio, Pittsburgh, PA.

(c) 2010 Patti Spadaro