From the recording Bringing Me Back


This is life, got one time around
Make it right, get up off the ground
Don’t tell me you’re leaving, running out on me
You and me got history, so tell me…

Can we make it all right?
Yeah, make it all right
Come on baby, let’s make it all right
Let’s make it all right
Make it all right.
I know we can make it all right

This is earth, our only home
Shaky and tired, listen to her groan
Too many feet been turning up the heat
Take good care, feel the heart beat
Feel that heartbeat…

Repeat Chorus

Brown eyed boy just turned four.
Hungry for three days, how many more?
Don’t turn your head away, say what a shame,
No one else here but you and me
You and me, you and me
He’s got you and me, you and me
We’ve got you and me

Let’s make it all right, make it all right…

Patti Spadaro - guitars, vocals, Jim Donovan - drums, Ken Lamison - bass, Skip Sanders - keyboards, Jill Paone Simmons and Eric "Pappy" Weingrad - backup vocals. Recorded and mixed by Sean McDonald at Sofa King Studio.

(c) Patti Spadaro