1. Tonight

From the recording Live at Frankie and Georgies


Lying in the sand, hanging on to your hand
Head resting on your chest
Rise and fall with every breath
With every breath

Waxing moon hanging low in the sky
Shining bright, oh so bright
Pick out the stars as they first begin to shine
As they first begin to shine

Shine on me now, tonight
I feel alive
Alive, in this place
Tonight, oh tonight

Talking about everything, and then nothing
Listen to the waves roar and break
They ease back out into the sea
Back out to sea

In the moment it all opens up
It opens wide, oh so wide
You and me, sand and the sea
We’ll reach out to touch the sky

Shine on us now, tonight
And feel alive
Alive in this place tonight, tonight


(c) Patti Spadaro