Spadaro Keeps it Honest and Strong

"Spadaro plays clean, lyrical leads on guitar that are reminiscent of the style of the late Jerry Garcia in their economy and fluidity." - Rege Behe

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"The thing that I love about Patti's songs is that she is completely real in them," Donovan says. "This authenticity and transparency made it easy for me to be a part of her recording. In addition to an honest and strong voice, her lead guitar playing is nothing short of remarkable."

"One of the things I love about music is it gets me centered," Spadaro says. "You hear athletes talking about being in the zone, being in the present moment, and I get that out of music. What's really cool is having a band where everybody is in the same place and the energy is flowing, everybody is syncronized with each other and creating in the moment."

-Rege Behe - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (Nov 11, 2010)

Guitar Heroine

"Patti Spadaro is the rare lead guitar playing frontwoman on the local scene, working in a bluesy jam-rock style somewhere between Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Ray Vaughn and the Grateful Dead." -Scott Mervis

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"I think the production, the musicianship, and the songwriting (of Bringing Me Back) are all at a higher level. I'm also singing lead on everything this time around. I've evolved vocally and that's pretty evident on the new CD".

Asked about new influences on "Bringing Me Back" Ms. Spadaro pointed to Derek Trucks, John Mayer and Trey Anastasio. "Besides technical ability, each of them has a great feel. The Dave Matthews Band...The Grateful Dead...these players are outstanding improvisers. Which is what I love to do as well. I love that 'in-the-moment' feeling when I'm able to let loose and improvise a guitar solo. Music feels so good, and has the ability to wash away some of the every day stresses and clear the head a bit. Listening to these players does that for me, annd that's what I'd like to be doing for people."

-Scott Mervis - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Nov 11, 2010)


"Patti and her band put on a hell of a show throughout, and if you want to hear some of the best music the Pittsburgh area has to offer, this is a great place place to start." 
-Harry Funk - Washington PA Observer-Reporter 

"Spadaro creates a dancing, twirling good-vibe atmosphere. Patti's passionate guitar solos are reminiscent of Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana."
-Westside Life Magazine

"Patti Spadaro plays her heart out, and takes total control on "Short Stay." She sings with a passion and fire, and it emulates her guitar proficiency."
-MuzikMan - E-zine

"Shimmering" -Relix Magazine

"A rocking exercise of syncopated rhythm and wah wah lead... the refined riffs of guitarist Patti (Spadaro) shine more and more with every listen."
-The California Aggie

"Patti defines the music with a fluid energy and dynamic sound."
-Encore Magazine